Selected Publications

i know i'm going on about it a bit, but honestly the chapbook is the best place to start if you haven't read it already? it's pay what you want, so feel free to check out the pdf for free 

but there are also other pieces, and these are some of them:


in print

four poems in Fur-Lined Ghettos #7
two macros in Spy Kids Review Issue 2
short story in Coming Out by KYBF Press


writing online

three micro poems in tenderness, yea (forthcoming)

'i will never understand people who complain about ants at a picnic' in Zoomoozophone Review

'lucky star' on Spy Kids Review

horoscopes on Flux Plus

three micro poems in MICRO//MACRO issue 1

and one in MICRO//MACRO issue 6


macros online

two macros in MICRO//MACRO issue 2

two macros in MICRO//MACRO issue 6

4 macros in Alien Mouth

'still art.gif' in UPenn's Symbiosis

(Alien Mouth and Symbiosis might be having technical difficulties 

but i quite liked those ones, so i've rehosted them below)



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